Exclusive- Students riot in Bowen University

Exclusive- Students riot in Bowen University.
All male and female hostels has been destroyed. The Hall
assistants, Hall administrators, Securities and Staffs fled and
cars were damaged. Also, the Shopping complex was invaded
and faculties and departments were destroyed. This was
caused due to lack of water, light, introduction of food
timetable and imposition of plastics.
Some students spoke to us.
A 300 level Student said “During the tenure of the former Vice
Chancellor, Prof. Olagbemiro there was always light between
6am-10am, 1pm-3pm and 6pm-11:30pm but everything
changed wen he came in; there is now light from 6:30am-8am
and 7:45pm-11:00pm, compare and contrast bro”
Another student said” Before we can eat in the cafeteria
anytime before or after lecture but he came and introduced
food timetable- Breakfast* 7am-9am, Lunch* 12pm-3pm and
Supper* 6pm-8:45pm, as if we are babies. how do you expect
me to wake up and go to the cafeteria when I have morning
class, I can’t eat after lectures and I will have to wait till night
if I have 8am-6pm lecture nefore I eat. It is senseless”.
We were informed that the female hostels were invaded by the
male students who ordered them to come out but none was
It was the intervention of the Mobile Police that stopped the
Do you support this approach?
details later peeps


2 responses to “Exclusive- Students riot in Bowen University

  1. That school is due for a protest, but a peaceful one would av bin the best approach not distruction!! We did one back in 2003, and it was peaceful, which yeilded massive results!! Well, I hope this would yeild greater results dan our era!! God help Bowen, God bless my Alma Mata!!

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